I lost my first tooth!!!

Wooohooo! The tooth fairy is coming! I lost my first tooth tooth tonight! Daddy was brushing my teeth and I told him to be careful on the bottom. He brushed and brushed and then it fell out and I grabbed it!! No crying at all! Maybe I’ll get some extra money for that!

Learned to ride my bike

Today was the most epic day! I learned to ride my bike with no training wheels! Daddy was on his rollerblades and Mommy was running. The sun was in my eyes so I had my sunglasses on for a little. Once they came off, Sparkles and I were ready to go around with Daddy. We tried balancing and practicing starting to pedal. I really wanted to stop but Mommy and Daddy said we aren’t giving up. We are staying until we do this together. Then Mommy put her hand behind my seat and held on while I pedaled. She said she will let go of the bike when I was ready…guess what… I said ok I am ready let go. Off I went! I couldn’t have done it without them. They were screaming and clapping and so very happy for me! It was a great time. Daddy captured it on video! Then Daddy held on to the back and I did the same thing with him. I told him to let go and off I went! To celebrate we went out to dinner at Red Lobster and Baskin Robbins for ice cream. Best day ever!