Happy Easter

I picked out my Easter dress and bow :) we just finished church and the first egg hunt. Now on to eating chocolate…I mean lunch and then another fun time with my family. Teta and Jidoh I’m coming over!


Sugar high

It’s sprinkles break so that means lots of sugar. It’s inevitable that I would have a plethora of sweets but Mommy says these are yummy. They have bananas but I still call them cupcakes.

Catch up time

It’s been so long. Where do I start. Well I turned 5, went to the dentist, the beach house, got a new boy cousin, and dressed up in my Christmas outfit. I’m blessed.


Rain rain go away

This was me a few weeks ago dancing in the rain. It poured for a little so I had to get my rain boots out…aka bug boots and umbrella. My outfit wouldn’t be complete without my princess shoes. :)


First day of school

Today’s the big day! I started TK. It’s transitional kindergarden or pretty much preschool in public school. I had so much fun and played with lots of friends. I was nervous but mommy and daddy said I would do great. I think I did because they took me to lunch and got me two toys!!! I can’t wait to go back tomorrow!


Big day!!! My first haircut!

I told mommy and daddy that I wanted to cut my hair before school starts. SO I let mommy do it. She did a little bit and it was done super fast! I was playing on the ipad so I wouldn’t have the wiggles. I actually told mommy to cut it more so that I could play longer. I think I would have been traumatized though if it went shorter. Thanks mommy and daddy!!!


My first build a bear

This is Kiwi. She’s my first build a bear. I filled her with cuteness, love, kindness, and courage.