Sugar high

It’s sprinkles break so that means lots of sugar. It’s inevitable that I would have a plethora of sweets but Mommy says these are yummy. They have bananas but I still call them cupcakes.

Catch up time

It’s been so long. Where do I start. Well I turned 5, went to the dentist, the beach house, got a new boy cousin, and dressed up in my Christmas outfit. I’m blessed.


Rain rain go away

This was me a few weeks ago dancing in the rain. It poured for a little so I had to get my rain boots out…aka bug boots and umbrella. My outfit wouldn’t be complete without my princess shoes. :)


First day of school

Today’s the big day! I started TK. It’s transitional kindergarden or pretty much preschool in public school. I had so much fun and played with lots of friends. I was nervous but mommy and daddy said I would do great. I think I did because they took me to lunch and got me two toys!!! I can’t wait to go back tomorrow!


Big day!!! My first haircut!

I told mommy and daddy that I wanted to cut my hair before school starts. SO I let mommy do it. She did a little bit and it was done super fast! I was playing on the ipad so I wouldn’t have the wiggles. I actually told mommy to cut it more so that I could play longer. I think I would have been traumatized though if it went shorter. Thanks mommy and daddy!!!


My first build a bear

This is Kiwi. She’s my first build a bear. I filled her with cuteness, love, kindness, and courage.


Summer of fun!

So far I have LOVED the trampoline. I can jump so high that mommy and daddy think I might fly off. That only happens when all my cousins are on it with me :)

Of course no summer is complete without funny faces, ice cream and pool time!