Pumpkin carving

Tonight we carved four pumpkins. I made sure mine had glitter and eyelashes.


I love the beach

It’s been a ritual to come here on Friday’s and enjoy the weekend. Especially the sunsets. Teta and Jidoh have the coolest beach house. Maybe I’ll get Daddy to post pictures of our awesome sand castles.

Family Day

Mommy and Daddy surprised me today with a trip to the aquarium. It was perfect. I even got a little guy and named him Sea Otter Baby.

Sand castle weekend

This is my daddy and he builds sand castles. Lots of them. This one is epic because I made the stairs. Mommy helped out by getting a lot of water to dump on the sand. The best part was showing Daddy how to dig a tunnel.

Before and after

I got an upgrade in my car! Mommy and Daddy got me a booster seat! Oh I love it! I get a pink one for Mommy car since I got to pick the color and black for Daddy’s. Here’s the before and after!

I think the best part was celebrating with a drive around the neighborhood that ended at Baskin Robbins.

Friday is park day

So much fun at the park! I think I should come here everyday! Mommy agrees if she can work from here. Haha.